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Filler MasterBatch

Filler Masterbatches are concentrates of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) or Talc in a polymer base.

Filler Masterbatches - The offered range finds a wide range of applications in plastic industry that is used for manufacturing various plastic products. Although plastic has a lot of excellent properties, but compared with metal materials, there are many shortcomings, some of the comprehensive performance requirements of high fields, a single plastic is difficult to meet the requirements. Therefore, the purpose of using filler masterbatch to blend modified plastics is as follows.

❖ Improve the comprehensive properties of plastics.

❖ Improve the mechanical properties of plastics, such as strength, low-temperature toughness, etc.

❖ Improve the heat resistance of plastics. Most plastics do not have a high thermal deformation temperature. For some parts that work at a certain temperature, general-purpose plastics are not suitable.

❖ Improve machining performance. For example, PPO is poor in molding, adding PS modified its processing liquidity greatly improved.

❖ Reduce water absorption and improve dimensional stability of products. Such as polyamide water absorption is larger, resulting in product size changes.

❖ Improve the burning resistance of plastics. Most plastics belong to inflammable materials, which have low safety when used in electrical and electronic equipment.

❖ Reduce the cost of materials. Plastics, especially engineering plastics, are more expensive. The cost of materials is reduced and the molding property is improved by blending general plastics with engineering plastics.

❖ Realize the function of plastic, improve its use performance, such as the conductivity of plastic small for some need to prevent static electricity, conductive use, can be mixed with conductive polymer, to obtain anti-static function, conductive function and electromagnetic shielding function of plastic materials, to meet the requirements of electronics, home appliances, communications, military and so on.

Using filler Masterbatch to blend modification, can improve the comprehensive performance of plastic, in the case of relatively low investment increase the varieties of plastic expansion of the use of plastic, reduce plastic adult cow ‘head now plastic high-performance and intensification, functionalization, specialty and seriation, promote the development of plastic industry and high polymer material industry.